Add Color to Your Winter Meals

Posted December 26, 2014 | Nutrition & Health Tips

By Adriane Angarano, MS, CN Now officially winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are shorter, colder, and the scene outside is likely monochromatic with various shades of brown and grey. It may also seem like there is less variety and vivid color at the grocery store (and on your plate) compared to the bounty… read more

Asthma and allergies

Posted December 22, 2014 | kids

By Dr. Lisa Yang, ND Asthma is a disease of inflammation of the airways. It affects approximately 24 million people in the United States and its the most common airway disease in children, affected an estimated 7 million children (1). It is characterized by hyperactivity to various triggers. Asthma tends to be episodic and there… read more

Got Milk? The A1/A2 Casein Debate

Posted December 5, 2014 | Nutrition & Health Tips

By Adriane Angarano, MS, CN Introduction Cow’s milk is often a staple food in many homes across the world, notably in the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand. In the U.S., unless you choose or need to be dairy-free, most likely you are consuming dairy that comes from Holstein-Friesian cows, a breed… read more

Cold and flu season

Posted November 23, 2014 | kids

By Lisa Yang, ND Its that time of year again, cold and flu season is rapidly approaching. There are many different prevention strategies and remedies that are available to lower the risk of getting sick and for immune support this fall and winter season. Prevention steps: First and most importantly, washing hands regularly is the… read more

The GAPS Diet: Gut-Brain Connection 

Posted October 29, 2014 | Nutrition & Health Tips

By Adriane Angarano, MS, CN Gut-Brain Physiology It has been said that the gut is our second brain. This “second brain”, also known as the enteric nervous system (ENS), is made up of a network of hundreds of millions of neurons that run the entire length of our gastrointestinal tract. These neurons transmit information back… read more

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