Food Sensitivities? How to Stay Motivated on an Elimination Diet.

Posted September 22, 2017 | Nutrition & Health Tips

An elimination diet can be a challenging endeavor as it entails making dramatic changes in your grocery shopping and cooking habits. It is a two to four-week process, which involves removing foods from your diet that could potentially be detrimental to your gastrointestinal system, weight status, energy level, memory, mood, muscular system, skin, etc

Here are some tips to support you and help you stay motivated through your elimination diet journey:

Maintain a positive attitude.

Keep your sights set on the belief you are taking steps towards healing your body. Try your best to not focus on how restrictive an elimination diet is or what foods you may have to cut out of your diet. Continue to remind yourself the elimination diet is a temporary process that is helping you discover your sensitivity to certain foods.

Make your food journal enjoyable.

Give yourself small rewards as you go through eat week of your elimination diet.  Sometimes, it is helpful to view the elimination diet as a personal science experiment to achieve improved health status.

 Practice mindful eating.

You may be removing some of your favorite splurges from your diet such as ice cream, coffee, and gluten-containing products. However, incorporating mindfulness during meal time will reduce stress and allow you to experience more satisfaction and awareness of the delicious, whole-foods you are eating. Focus your attention on the delicious fresh fruit and vegetables you are nourishing your body with.

Incorporate a food preparation day.

Life can get pretty busy. Having prepared meals for the week can assist you with sticking to the elimination diet and reduce your cravings. If the proper foods are already prepped for the busy work week, it will be easier to stick to and maintain the elimination diet.

Eating out.

Remember you can still dine out at restaurants, just do your best to plan ahead.Create your own allergy food chart you can provide the restaurant. Also, call the restaurant ahead of time and discuss your dietary restrictions and find menu options that fit your current diet plan.


Do not be afraid to ask for support from family and friends. This type of diet can be challenging and it is helpful to have family and friends involved in the process.







By: Hayley Cornell

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