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    Hatha Gbedawo, ND

    clinical director

    Naturopathic Physician – Specializing In Pediatric Medicine

    Dr. Hatha Gbedawo (Buh-Doww) was born in New York and raised in the Colorado Rockies. She has been practicing in Seattle for over ten years and continues to love living in the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Gbedawo is a licensed primary care physician and is board certified in naturopathic medicine specializing in pediatrics. She encourages and sustains a curiosity in medicine and continues to stay current on novel treatments and existing research. Dr. Gbedawo believes that healing the whole family provides the best environment for healthy children.

    For the last decade, Dr. Gbedawo has been hybridizing her proliferative biomedical training with a naturopathic perspective providing unique and comprehensive care. In addition to her extensive background in working with pediatric neurological, neurodevelopmental and behavioral concerns she has a strong clinical aptitude helping children with immune regulation disorders, gastrointestinal complaints and malnutrition/ picky eating. Dr. Gbedawo helps families prioritize treatments, coordinate specialized diets, and manage the biomedical options for sustainability of care.

    As one of the many underlying contributing factors to neurodevelopmental and behavioral disorders, Dr. Gbedawo works extensively with PANDAS/ PITANDS/ PANS/ CANS cases; autoimmune reactions that are triggered by chronic illnesses or environmental influences that contribute to mood regulation including anxiety, aggression and temper tantrums, as well as other significant behavioral concerns such as impulsivity and obsessive/ compulsive/ perseverative behaviors. Dr. Gbedawo counsels families, that with any chronic illness there may not be a “magic bullet”, and she helps patients navigate the flares and remissions associated with these conditions with expertise and compassion.

    Dr. Gbedawo also works with children with other neurological concerns such as epilepsy/ seizures, Tourette’s and tics; she applies the same principles of addressing underlying triggers of inflammation and oxidative stress to these complex and often chronic neurological conditions. Dr. Gbedawo has also opened up her practice to working with patients interested in exploring CBD (cannibidiol) for pediatric seizures and is investigating its application for tics, anxiety and stimming behaviors. Medical Cannabis is still considered a controlled substance, and in the pediatric population utilizing this treatment has to be done with caution and transparency with all providers and care givers of the affected children; Dr. Gbedawo can help families navigate this process.

    In addition to helping children with chronic conditions, Dr. Gbedawo addresses common complaints in neurotypical children, such as atopic diseases (allergies, asthma, eczema), irregular bowels, and sleep issues. And, of course, Dr. Gbedawo continues to and enjoys providing primary care for healthy children! She also believes strongly in patient education and supporting families to make informed choices around immunizations (ISP).

    Dr. Gbedawo is a member of the PedANP (Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians) and Vital Kids Medicine, PLLC is an accredited residency site through Bastyr University. She is a founding board member for the non-profit organization Culture Medicine (www.culturemedicine.org), and is on the medical advisory board for Jamii Moja (www.jamiimoja.org); these are platforms through which she is following her dream of doing clinical work with children in different African nations. Dr. Gbedawo spends her free time hiking, urban trekking, and preparing raw food delicacies!

    "Dr. Yang has changed our life! Our son was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three. We came to Dr. Yang without ANY knowledge of holistic medicine, let alone Autism. With the help, guidance, comprehensive approach, thoroughness approach of Dr. Yang, our son is on the road to recovery. Dr. Yang has helped with Autism, speech delays, ADD, mitochondrial support, anxiety...just to name a few. Within the short span two years, our son has come leaps and bounds in his recovery. It has been a long road, but we stuck through the hard times and trusted Dr. Yang. We all worked as a collaborative team for our son and we couldn't be more happy with his on going success. THANK YOU DR. YANG!"
    "Thanks to Dr. Gbedawo’s guidance, my children are out of the cycle of prescription drug use and low immunity. Together we have fixed eczema, acid reflux, chronic sinus infections and digestive issues. Now my children are the healthiest in their classrooms." - Chronic Allergies, Chronic Sinus Infections
    “Dr Gbedawo saved my son’s life, she turned a little boy that wouldn’t be able to sleep due to abdominal pains into a wonderful sleeper! She treated my son for his Autism (diagnosed at 18 months moderate to severe) and his is now a loving, happy, social and talkative little guy (3yrs old PDDNOS mild). It’s hard to stop writing about all the goodness she brought into our lives but what strikes me the fact that not only she’s a WONDERFUL and KNOWLEDGEABLE professional, most of all, she CARES about her patients individually! She respects the family’s decision and is always there when you need, always!
 The staff is wonderful, ALWAYS welcoming you with a smile and willing to do whatever it takes to better fit the appointments to your schedule! 
To say that they are the best place I could have found to hand in my precious son to be treated would be an understatement ! You feel like family once you’ve been treated there!” - Autism
    "From the very first visit, Dr. Gbedawo made a special effort to connect with my daughter. Other pediatricians seem to cater to the parents first (which is understandable, of course). However, it is clear to me that Dr. Gbedawo chose to focus on pediatric health care because she specifically loves and cares about children and their welfare. My daughter is four years old now, her and Dr. Gbedawo have their own special relationship. I am reassured that in my daughter’s teenage years, she will be able to confide in Dr. Gbedawo, on issues where it may be difficult to talk to me." - General Wellness
    "Since we started visiting Vital Kids Medicine, in February 2011, our son has made a 180 degree turn for the better. Diagnosed with a mild case of Asperger’s in 2008, we were overwhelmed with what that meant for us and our bright, enthusiastic son who had a hard time focusing and making new friends. We have been simply amazed and delighted with the results we have experienced this past year. Our son went from struggling in school and with social interaction with peers, to having a group of meaningful friends and scoring in the top 5% of his class in math and science, and having a great love and talent for reading and writing. He reports that he feels “normal”, something we didn’t know if we’d ever hear, and one of the biggest gifts we could ever wish for. The expert, deep knowledge and sincere caring and concern exhibited at Vital Kids Medicine has left us knowing there is no better place we could take our son for treatment. We feel blessed to have found such a place. Thank you, Dr. Gbedawo for making our lives so much better!" - Asperger's
    "When our son was just over a year old, he was diagnosed with speech and social delays and we were immediately referred for Autism testing. He was also constantly sick with fevers and colds from about 6 months on. He literally laid on the floor or stared out the window for most of his days; our attempts to interact with him were generally unsuccessful. I am so grateful that we found Dr. Gbedawo and began treatment of our son's medical needs. Dr. Gbedawo was the first medical professional who took me seriously when I described his pattern of digestive issues and illness. Once we identified and eliminated foods he could not digest, he stopped getting sick almost immediately! He went from going 5-7 days between illnesses to being the healthiest person in our household. Dr. Gbedawo listened and used her expertise to work with us on all of our son's challenges. Her individualized approach to addressing his many needs combined with our work with Early Intervention has literally given us our son back. He went from being a stressed out, sickly, non-responsive toddler to a happy, healthy, outgoing little boy. He is currently 2 and a half and not only lost his speech and social delays, but now tests "ahead" in nearly every single area in which he has been evaluated. He has no diagnosis. I cannot tell you what it means to me to have witnessed this transformation. Every day I stare at him in wonder and I am forever grateful to Dr. Gbedawo for her work with us and with our son. She has given my baby the gift of a happy, healthy life, and she has given us, his parents the gift of truly getting to know our beautiful son. Thank you Dr. Gbedawo." - Developmental Disorders
    "We are parents of a 4 year old daughter diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. She has had some issues over the past due to high levels of heavy metal toxicity. Our daughter started Dr. Gbedawo’s treatment about 1 year ago and we have noticed great results …she is now able to focus more on things, her eye contact improved and the horrible diarrhea she used to have all the time is gone! Thanks to Dr. Gbedawo!" - Rhett Syndrome
    "Dr. Gbed awo is well-educated in the subtleties of autism medicine. She is very thorough, taking the time to explore in depth each child’s case history and alternatives for treatment. She is very accessible and will return calls promptly. The extraordinary thing about her, as compared to other doctors we have seen, is that she develops a personal connection with the family, and really puts in the time and effort it takes to help her patients. Complicated cases do not seem to intimidate her. I highly recommend Dr.Gbedawo." - PANDAS, Immunodeficiency
    "I was looking for an alternative medicine Doctor for my child who lost her hearing after medication "Naproxen". I decided not to give her any other pharmaceuticals afraid that she might have an irreparable side effect again. I found Vital Kids. Dr. Lisa Yang is amazing. She listens, understand and take her time to really care for your child She try natural medicine prior any pharmaceuticals. My daughter is doing so well that I decide to be treated by her as well. I strongly recommended this place to you and your child."
    “My autistic son (5), who had been a reflux kid since he was 1-year old, has been Dr. Hatha’s patient for a year now. Measurable accomplishments this past year: the kid who had been hovering at 2-5 percentile for weight for 3.5 years has graduated to 25th percentile without a feeding tube or artificial food supplements. My son was a very low functioning, barely verbal kid a year ago now he has increased his vocabulary to about 200 words and started to read simple words. Now he plays age appropriate computer games at age level with increasing competence. Non-measurable accomplishments: he is not in pain any more, he smiles a lot and enjoys family/school activities. Finally we can do things with him not just for him which means that the quality of life has improved for our family tremendously. Thank you Dr. Hatha for being so patient with us and explaining everything that we need to do to get our kid better.”- Autism
    "My son and I love Dr. Yang and the staff at Vital Kids Medicine. I'm a new mom but also a physician myself so I was very selective in choosing my pediatrician. Dr. Yang is incredibly knowledgeable, personable and an amazing doctor. Dr. Yang is very thorough and does comprehensive physical exams (the past pediatrician barely examined little man) which I love and appreciate. Not only does she spend plenty of time with us but she also is an amazing resource for all questions and concerns. I'm so glad we have Dr Yang as our pediatrician! The front desk staff and medical assistant are also great. The staff are very professional, organized and friendly. I don't have one bad thing to say about this clinic and always recommend them to people looking for a pediatrician."